Biloela Wild Cockatoos - exhibited 2012

Biloela Wild Cockatoos series by Leila Jeffreys. Gang-Gang Cockatoos live in small flocks in the south east of Australia. They set up supervised crèches for their young so parents can take turns feeding away from the nest site. Juvenile male Red-tailed Black Cockatoos resemble females until puberty, which occurs at around four years of age, but have paler yellow barred underparts. As the birds reach maturity, males gradually replace their yellow tail feathers with red ones.

'Little Stevie' Little corella

'Little Stevie' Little corella


©Leila Jeffreys 2012
'Little Stevie' Little corella 2012 Series: Biloela Wild Cockatoos
Photograph on archival fibre based cotton rag paper
112 x 89cm

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Little Corellas are playful and cheeky. They have powerful screeches and screams just like Little Stevie Wright of 1960s Australian rock sensations, The Easybeats.

Little Stevie the Little Corella is a handsome devil. He has beautiful white feathers with tiny splashes of colour. He stood tall and was a very composed bird. I started seeing him as a feathered dandy. He had elegant, beautiful little legs in a pair of white stovepipe trousers with a matching white fitted suit jacket and white shirt. When Little Corellas play, they become very noisy. They have conversations with each other and show off by hanging themselves upside-down with their feet, beaks or both. So, although he dresses smartly, like all Little Corellas, Little Stevie loves nothing more than hanging upside down from branches and screaming – sending his crowd wild.