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Biloela Wild Cockatoos - exhibited 2012

Biloela Wild Cockatoos series by Leila Jeffreys. Gang-Gang Cockatoos live in small flocks in the south east of Australia. They set up supervised crèches for their young so parents can take turns feeding away from the nest site. Juvenile male Red-tailed Black Cockatoos resemble females until puberty, which occurs at around four years of age, but have paler yellow barred underparts. As the birds reach maturity, males gradually replace their yellow tail feathers with red ones.

'Bob' Long-billed corella

'Bob' Long-billed corella


©Leila Jeffreys 2012
'Bob' Long-billed corella 2012 Series: Biloela Wild Cockatoos
Photograph on archival fibre based cotton rag paper
112 x 89cm

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Bob is a rescued Long-Billed Corella who I met at the home of Daphne, a dedicated WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Inc) volunteer in Sydney, New South Wales. WIRES rescue tens of thousands of native birds, possums, snakes and marsupials in New South Wales each year and is a charity that relies on donations.

Long-Billed Corellas originated in western Victoria and southern New South Wales, however flocks have started to form in Sydney and other capital cities after aviary birds escaped and bred. One of my favourite places to see them is in Centennial Park, Sydney where large flocks dig for roots, seeds and bulbs using their long pale beak as a hoe.

It was unclear at first if Bob would be OK with being photographed but in the end he loved it. Some of his poses made me laugh as he seemed to be an old professional who knew his best side for portraits.