HIGH SOCIETY Exhibition Sydney October New York November

Prey - exhibited 2014

Leila Jeffreys 'Prey' series was exhibited at Purdy Hicks London and Olsen Gallery Sydney. Each large scale photograph features a portrait of bird of prey

'Duke' Eastern grass owl

'Duke' Eastern grass owl


Photograph on archival fibre based cotton rag paper
112 x 89 cm, 44 x 35 inch (standard)

'Duke' Eastern grass owl 2014 ©Leila Jeffreys

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As his species name suggests, Duke is a ground-dwelling owl that hangs out in open habitats with tall tussocks, such as grasslands and swamps. Duke lives at Eagle Heritage in Margaret River, WA, and on meeting him it was obvious he was special. For his portrait, Phil molded him a little cushion out of cloth to stand on as he much preferred to be on the ground.

The evolutionary difference from one bird to another never ceases to amaze me.

I couldn’t believe how long Duke’s legs were, like two long popsicles holding up a bean bag – unbelievably cute! The Eastern Grass Owl is often called the Daddy Long Legs Owl, which says it all.

Duke was a wonderfully calm bird and very easy to work with. I tried to capture the beautiful caramel, vanilla and chocolate colours, with silver stars and chocolate sprinkles. He looked like medieval royalty wearing a magnificent spangled cloak.

Grass Owls are found on the floodplains of large rivers from Cape York to Manning River in NSW, or in WA on the grasslands of Barkly Tableland and the Channel country. Their nests are either a scraped hollow or simply a platform of trampled plant stems. They build tunnels through the tall grass that leads to their home with at least three approach tunnels of 10 metres in length.