Ornithurae Volume 1 exhibition, showing at Olsen Gruin Gallery New York, USA. Featuring large size portraits of doves, pigeons and cockatoos.

Squatter Pigeon

Squatter Pigeon


©Leila Jeffreys 2017
Squatter Pigeon 2017 Series: Ornithurae
Photograph on archival fibre based cotton rag paper
112 x 89 cm, 44 x 35 inch (standard) 140 x 112 cm, 55 x 44 inch (large)

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Wallace surmised that New Guinea had served as the cradle from which the world’s pigeons emerged. Today’s thinking is that pigeons emerged somewhere in the southern hemisphere, although there is no certainty about where. The oldest fossils have been found in Australia. (Reconsider the Pigeon, by biologist Tim Low.)